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You’re the first to know…

After 400 daily blog posts, I’ve finally decided to pause so I can focus on the numerous creative aspects of Worth The Journey.

We’re in the middle of a wild amount of growth. So much that the creative energy I’ve been putting into the blog has been burning me out and as I’ve written about many times, self-care is essential to sustainability.

So this is me making good on my words.

I’m so, so, so grateful that you’ve been following me thus far and contemplating these ideas with me.
There’s a lot to heart-centered business, and it’s an ongoing investigation. One I invite you to continue with me through our active Worth The Journey Facebook group.

While I can’t make any solid promises, I will say that I’ve loved daily blogging and hope to return to it if/when the time feels right.

Take care for now, my heart-centered friend.

– Noé

Seasons in Business

The seasons have a lot to do with each of our businesses, the same way they have to do with our lives in general.

Winter puts us in a very different mood from summer.

If we resist the change in seasons, the environment or the people will push back.

Are you and your business aware of and following the seasons?

Maybe winter is your busiest season. Or summer. It’ll fit your business.

Are you prepared to match the natural flow of each season?

A Rock In Your Shoe

You’re walking down the street.

You get a rock in your shoe.

Do you:

– Stop, take the shoe off, shake out the rock, and keep walking?
– Play it cool and keep walking as if nothing’s there?
– Complain to a friend about how rocks are ruining your life?
– Something else?

It’s worth noting the way you actually react as well as the way you’d like to react.


Your reaction is probably the same reaction you have to every frustration that comes up in life – including in a business meeting that will decide the fate of your company.

Do the inner work now, while the effects of messing up won’t cause disastrous results.

The Auspiciousness Curse

The better you do, the better you do.

The better you do, the better those following you do.

It’s the curse you want to have.

It’s actually a curse you can’t avoid.

Can you see the effect?

Someone Who Gets Better Over Time

Some people are stuck in their way of being with no intention to change as time changes. In their mind they’ve figured it all out, and while the world changes, they resolve to stand still. As a result they experience a lot of relationship issues as people run into their hard wall.

There’s another approach…

…be someone who gets better over time.

It’s not about becoming a doormat that lets time walk all over you.

It’s about seeing the humbling fact that you don’t know anything about life, truly, and from that realization you want to learn everything. And then you see the good news, that everything and everyone are constantly teaching you, showing you, demonstrating to you lessons about life – usually without realizing it themselves.

If you actually take the lessons in, your rough edges get sanded down and you get better over time. Smoother and more in flow with what happens every day.

The Myth Of Arrival

One of the most dangerous ideas I’ve prayed victim to is that I’ve finally arrived.

This usually happens after great insights into my life or relationships or business.

After moments of insight I have a period where everything goes well, sometimes magically well.

And so I conclude that I’ve become a person to whom things go well.

I’ve arrived. Finally!

The problem is, things going well or not has nothing to do with me.

What I’ve seen is that as soon as I take credit for my success, I’m already doomed to losing it. Because I’ve just created an image that now takes effort to uphold. So I better not drop it!

If I take no credit, it’s like not creating an image to uphold in the first place. I can’t lose anything (and can’t gain anything), because I see that life is continuously flowing up and down. Good days and bad days flow in and out.

It might sound less exciting to live without losing or gaining anything. But I for one am done with being dragged around by the stressful ups and downs of taking credit for something that flows through me rather than is mine.

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