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A Master’s Skill: Knowing When To Lean In vs. Lean Out

The magic of business happens in tiny moments of feeling whether to lean in or whether to lean out, and then taking action.

It’s whether to move forward with an idea or whether to table it. It’s whether to say yes or say no, which comes from our inner feeling sense.

The master is skilled at timing and trusts her feelings. While she never knows whether her idea will come to success or not, she resolutely continues to refine her sense of timing and whether to act or not through each life experience.

In this rocky state of the world, we need more leaders who are willing to do the hard work of making difficult decisions.

Learn how to trust deep feelings, not judgements.

Make Your Thing Weird And It’ll Sell

Normal blends in.

Normal doesn’t sell unless the person is obliged to buy (for example plane tickets: if someone wants to go to France they’re obliged to buy a plane ticket), and if someone is obliged to buy, they’ll buy the cheapest one.

The race to the bottom isn’t a good place to be.

We see normal all the time in areas like airplane tickets, hotels and water bottles, but also in areas like freelancing, yoga teaching, life coaching, etc.

Normal isn’t remarkable, but most people choose normal because they’re scared no one will buy their weird thing.

The truth is, no one will buy your normal thing. In our world no one cares about normal. And if they do buy your normal thing, you’ll know it’s not because what you made is special, impactful, unique or worth talking about. You’ll know it’s because at best your thing was competent or satisfactory.

Making your thing weird all of a sudden puts you in a new category that no one exists in. And as long as you are also competent and satisfactory, which is straightforward to do, you’ll start pulling a huge amount of loyalty and attention for being weird.

People will notice you.

Some will reject you and some will become obsessed with you. But no one will ignore you.

This is the boon of being willing to stick your neck out there: no one will ignore you.

And the best part is that it’s soooooo easy to be weird.

Here’s the secret: all you have to do is stop holding back your strange, zany, cute, funny, silly, sassy, brainy, nerdy, hardcore, caring personality.

In other words let others see more of who you really are underneath the trying to be good, do it right, one-up others and be successful. No one cares about those layers. The more you show up as you, the weirder your stuff will be, and the more people will buy.

The examples of this are incredible and widespread: Amanda Palmer, Seth Godin, Elon Musk, Byron Katie, Brené Brown… just name a person you look up to. Each of these people has stuck out their neck to be vulnerable, be weirdly themselves and have subsequently created a movement.

You do not have to be like them to be successful. You do have to be like you to be successful. That’s what they did!

Be weird.

Social Media Is Hard

To actually do it well requires going about it in a smart way, which means knowing your audience, which means listening to what they’re saying on social media.

Listening is where the effort is. It’s hard, like all listening is, because to really listen means you need to completely get out of the way, stop focusing on yourself, and 100% be there open to the other.

This doesn’t mean it’s not worth doing!

It just means it’s worth doing slowly and intentionally. Not everyone needs a million social media accounts. There’s a reason we don’t use Twitter – we aren’t willing to devote our limited resources to it right now.

Choose wisely the hard things that you do.

*Pro-tip: don’t beat yourself up for feeling like you’re making zero progress. Figure this out and you’ll find yourself making incredible progress.

Building A Reputation

We’ve built up a reputation in my house: We throw great parties. Really great parties.

It’s become a very loud reputation. So loud that I could see the excitement spread over my friend’s face when I told her we were hosting another party, and the sudden disappointment on another friend’s face when they realized they couldn’t make it.

Immediately following the Facebook event’s creation we had 14 people mark attending and about 12 people post on the wall that they were sad they couldn’t make it.

That quick a response is the result of reputation.

The question now is: How do you bake that effect into your business?

Here are two questions to help hone you in on this:
1) How can you make your business more friend-like than business-like?
2) How can you give people such a remarkable experience that they want to tell other people about it?

Just One Focus

Everyone knows that time is made up.

Everyone knows that memory is just a way for our minds to deal with the fact that now is the only thing ever happening.

But no one goes farther than that. No one applies it to ordinary life.

Let’s apply it to productivity: The reality is you can only focus on one thing at a time.

We’ve all heard that multi-tasking is a myth, but we don’t take it seriously!

Seriously, it’s literally impossible for the human brain to focus on more than one thing at a time. And switching contexts costs a lot of energy.

What if you did your mind a favor and spent a whole day just focusing on one thing at a time?

What if that day was today?

Are The Business Skills You’ve Heard About Really Worthy Studying?

Marketing Strategy
Business Background

Do you really need to study these?

The answer is in two parts: 1) No. 2) Yes.

Broken down:

1) No. You don’t need to over-the-top study them, or wait to start your business until you’re perfect. Studying business skills goes hand in hand with experiential learning by running your business in actuality. Launch, dive-in, get your hands dirty before or at the same time as studying.

2) Yes. If you don’t read, take courses, and/or do work with business mentors, your progress will be very slow because you’ll have to reinvent the wheel. Your own blind spots will make it hard to move forward.

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