Website Add Ons

Keep your brand fresh and your website up to date and error-free.

Logo & Brand

From coming up with your signature brand colors, to keeping your website up to date, we’ve got you covered from start to finish.


We build websites for: solopreneurs, small businesses, e-commerce stores, and events. Each site is gorgeous, reliable, mobile-responsive, and easy to update.


Our fabulous graphic designer will work with you to create a custom logo, brand colors, and fonts. She’ll also create a brand guideline so you can use your new brand assets wisely.

Website Maintenance

We’ll regularly update your code and software, fix errors and broken links, and help you upload new photos or copy as needed so your website is always up to date.

Stunning Websites

Whether your selling a product, booking clients for a service, or promoting events, we’ll create a website that tells your story and helps you attract just the right people.

Design that looks good on mobile & tablet, too.

More than 48% of all website traffic comes from mobile devices. We’ll help make sure you don’t miss out on half of your potential customers by building a website that also looks great on a smartphone (and tablet!).

Website Maintenance

From the first visioning meeting to our final website celebration, we work collaboratively with you to create your website. You’ll have expert business coaching and support at every step along the way.


We’ll create a clear, mission-centered picture of your website.


With guidance, you’ll create the image, text, and video assets for your site.


Over several revisions we’ll assemble these pieces into your website!


Final version done, we’ll turn it over to you and launch your new site.

Recent Work

A few examples of the sites we’ve built recently with our awesome clients!

Journey ’19 Conference

Custom: Event Sales Page

Maruca Design

E-Commerce : Handmade Bags

Evolve and Radiate

Solopreneur: Wellness Coaching

Website Packages

Different businesses have different website needs. We’ve created the packages below to help serve you at every stage of your business.

All Packages Include:
✓ 2+ Hours Coaching Calls
✓ Professional Squarespace Website
✓ SEO Rich Web Design
✓ Mobile Responsive
✓ Scheduling System Integration
✓ Mailing List Integration
✓ Robust Contact Form For Customers
✓ Blog, Photo, & Video Capability
✓ Powerful Metrics To Track Website Traffic

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Add On: Logo & Brand 

Whether your branding needs a refresh, or you’re thinking about logo and branding for the first time, our expert designer will work with you to create a cohesive, modern, and beautiful brand package including logo, brand colors, and fonts.

Add On: Website Maintenance

Sign up for monthly website maintenance and never worry about your website breaking! We’ll make sure your software and integrations are up to date and help you with uploading new images or content to your site.


How does the web design process go?

We build websites with our clients using the following project flow.

Pre-Project – Onboarding

All the members of both teams will come together for a Team Welcome Call. We’ll go over the entirety of the project plan, including timelines, expectations, and answer any questions about the process.

Phase 1 – Vision

To kick things off, we’ll host a Visioning Call where we’ll lead you through a special visioning process to identify and shape the user experience and flow of your website.

You’ll get some fun and creative visioning homework to build on what we’ve done during the call

Phase 2 – Create

Here’s where you’re website starts to come alive! We’ll create share folders and documents for you to upload your website copy, pictures, audio, and video for your site.

Most clients use their coaching at this stage of the process to help think through copy, service offerings, and image selection.

Phase 3 – Develop

Taking what you’ve uploaded, along with the work from our visioning call, we’ll create mockups of your website. You’ll get a sneak preview of the finished product and have a chance to offer initial feedback.

Then we’ll begin building your site! Every website package includes at least 2 rounds of revisions so we can make any tweaks or adjustments to the layout.

Phase 4 – Launch

After our final revision, we’ll connect your site to your custom domain and set up your accounts and logins for the future. We’ll meet for a Final Walkthrough Call and celebrate your new site together!

How long does the process take?

The website process described below usually takes about 2-4 months, depending on the complexity of the site, and whether a branding package is being added. We’ll create a clear timeline for your project during the pre-project phase.

Which website platform do you use?

We build 99% of our client’s websites on Squarespace. Unless you have a $10k+ budget, need very specialized functionality, AND have the tech support to keep a more complex platform up to date, Squarespace is your best bet. It’s beautiful, easy to update (even if you’re not very techie), has basic e-commerce abilities, is mobile responsive, and integrates with a ton of other platforms (like mailchimp) to make your whole business run smoothly.

Squarespace includes hosting, multiple modern templates, a free domain for a year, industry standard security features, audio, photo, and video capabilities, social media integration, and a whole lot more. See the full list of Squarespace Features.

What is a design revision?

Once the first draft of your website is complete we’ll begin revision rounds where you’ll get to give feedback on what you like and don’t like and we’ll update your site accordingly. You’ll have 2+ sets of revision rounds, where each round consists of your feedback on the whole site followed by us implementing all those changes. We’re committed to giving you a great site in the timeframe you need, so you can count on us to be thorough and timely.

What can I use the coaching calls for?

Every website package includes at least 2 hours with our business coaches. You can use this time to brainstorm packages and services, get feedback on your copywriting, or think through the best ways to promote your website launch. Need more coaching? No problem! We can create a website package with extra coaching just for you.

How many pages do I need for my website?

Most solopreneurs need about 5 pages for their website. Usually that breaks down something like this:

  1. Home Page – introduce people to your website.
  2. About Page – tell your story, your why, and your mission. This page includes your bio, credentials and pictures that help your customers get to know you.
  3. Services Page – describe the service(s) you offer along with the benefits of them, pricing, and any FAQ’s people might have.
  4. Scheduling Page – a location for clients to schedule sessions or consultations with you.
  5. Contact Page – a way for customers to contact you with further questions.

Other pages you may need instead of, or in addition to the pages above:

  • Individual Service Pages – you may find it’s best to give each service you offer it’s own page so you can go into greater detail with what you offer. E.g. you might have a Yoga Page, Coaching Page, and a Guided Meditation Page.
  • Blog Page – If you know you want to create articles, poems, videos, podcasts, or other media to educate, entertain, and boost your website’s SEO, a variation of a blog page will help you do that.
  • E-Commerce Store – Sell physical products directly from your site!

You may also have a Terms & Conditions Page, Events Page, Resources Directory, Gallery Page, or more. During our Discovery Call, we can help you figure out the right pages for your website.

Can I add more pages later on?

Yes of course! Every package includes training so you can make minor changes and updates to your website all on your own. If your business grows or changes significantly and you want our help to update your website to reflect your new awesomeness, we’d LOVE to support you in that! Send us a message below when you’re ready to level things up and we’ll work out a custom package just for you.

Do I need to have a logo and branding colors & fonts done before I get my website built?

In a word, yes. Marketing works best when a consistent message is shown across websites, social media, printed materials, etc. A website without clear branding and a logo is like a gluten free cupcake without vegan frosting – so close, and yet so far away.

That’s why we offer a logo and branding add on. Our awesome graphic designer will work with you to create branding that expresses your style and purpose. We’ll coordinate with her to incorporate your branding throughout every aspect of your website. She’ll also develop a brand guideline for you, so you’ll know how to use your branding in social media and print.

How do I get pictures and images for my website?

There are a few options for getting images for your website. Ideally most or all of your photography will be your own photography taken just for your business. We can connect you with a photographer to help you get headshots, product and services offerings, etc. If you need additional images and photographs, we can help point you to resources for free, beautiful, stock photography and graphics. One of our favorites is Unsplash.

Let’s Work Together

We love to work with heart-centered business owners! Fill out the contact form with your info and we’ll schedule a Discovery Call to talk about your vision.

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