The Important People

Oct 11, 2017

Famous people aren’t the important people.

Famous people can distract you the same way TV can and the internet can.

You don’t need to know famous people to become successful and you don’t need to be famous to become successful.

That said, fame is a great tool.

A famous person can positively impact a large sector of the public, sending a message of empowerment rather than slavery, possibility rather than despair, and groundedness rather than frenzied action.

Unfortunately, many famous people miss the point. They’re stuck reliving their childhood traumas in public, seeking status, worship, control, and glory – all of which come from not actually appreciating themselves or the people around them.

Who are the important people?

You are. And the people directly next to you. And the people next to them.

Only these important people have the power to create community, grow a business, and become successful.

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