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Lindsay & Koes Bong
You Are Infinitely Loved Podcast Co-hosts
Community Talk
Using Self-Love and Self Compassion as an Entrepreneur


Lindsay and Koes are 2 of the 3 co-hosts of the You Are Infinitely Loved podcast. Lindsay is a mental health therapist and a coach with a focus on helping her clients use self-love to heal and thrive. By being immersed in the work of self-love, Lindsay keeps discovering new ways for her to see, to know, and to love herself and, in turn, guide those around her on how to love themselves more fully. Koes is an entrepreneur and has been in the software industry for over 15 years. As he progressed through his career, he realizes how important it is to use self-love in cultivating empathy and wonder in his life and shares that with everyone he encounters. For Koes, this self-love journey has helped him prioritize himself when there have been a thousand voices telling him who he is and what he should do.