Leave No One Behind

Oct 10, 2017

This is an appeal to the open heart inside each of us.

It’s an appeal to the one who sees humanity in each person, and who sees that at their core, everyone human being on the planet without exception is fundamentally good.

In these times it’s not easy to access this place.

It’s even harder to access it without covering over anger, rage, resentment, sadness, or fear at politicians and others causing suffering for millions.

It’s hard to access an open heart when we’ve been betrayed, silenced, manipulated, and hurt by others.

Nevertheless I ask you to go bravely where few dare to venture.

I ask it because this is a time where out of spite we tend to banish those who have harmed us. Anyone who’s bad enough gets the axe (even if it’s just energetically).

In a recent meditation I saw that there’s something I can do to the oppressor. I can appeal to his positive qualities: goodness, kindness, wisdom, and strength.

As I am discovering my own positive qualities deep within, I can call out my aggressor by their commitment to these human qualities, to which we are all bound.

In this meditation I reached a deep low imagining the oppression so many have faced on lots of fronts, from individuals to the systems of patriarchy and whiteness.

And then in the depths of my own strength, emerged a call to leave no one behind. No matter how long it takes to reach the heart of those oppressing others (including myself sometimes), I must continue to reach out and appeal to their human qualities. This is part of my service to all humanity.

I know it’s not my responsibility to extend my heart to my abusor, but with all the strength I have, I will not leave her behind, repress him, or ignore them (except temporarily to regain strength when deflated).

As heart-centered people, you’re invited to step up and show up for your ignorant human siblings.

How does this relate to your business? Good business is brave and now it’s political. Will you make the commitment to leave no one behind?

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