How to Choose Photos for Your About Page

Goal of Photos

There are a few things that photos on your About Page should accomplish.

  • They help humanize you to your clients.
  • They make it easier for people to envision working with you.
  • They communicate the brand values and voice.
  • They add credibility and a “face” to the business.

As you choose photos, keep in mind whether the photos you select will support these goals. For example, a heavily touched up photo might look good to you, but it will probably be a shock to clients when they show up at your office and you look different. Similarly, if the photo is low quality, it can hurt your credibility, rather than enhance it.

Brand Voice

Pick photos that are consistent with the adjectives you’ve identified to describe your brand. If you’re aiming for a professional tone, a casual picture with your family at the beach may not be the best choice. If you’re going for playful, you might want to ditch the formal headshot.

Remember that you can share other pictures of yourself on other parts of your site, and social media. The pictures on your About Page should immediately reflect the brand and values you are trying to communicate.

Number of Photos

The number of photos you include on your About Page depends on

  • The number of brand-appropriate photos you have to choose from.
  • Your website layout.
  • Whether you need pictures of yourself performing a service or with a product to better showcase who you are and what you do.

Photo Orientation and Layout

When selecting photos, and perhaps more importantly when taking photos, it’s important to consider the orientation and layout that will fit best with your site. Should you have a portrait, landscape, or square image?

Should there be a big messy background full of life and color? Or a plain and minimal background with lots of space?

Will there be text on the photo and if so will it look good? What about a border?

Do the colors in the picture match (either in similar or complementary tones) the colors of your brand?

Photo Quality

Perhaps the most important consideration when choosing a photo is that it’s high quality. This means many things to a professional photographer, but at the bare minimum you should have good lighting and high resolution. There’s no point to a low res picture, it will just make you look bad.

Copyright and Credit

We hope this goes without saying, but because it can be easy to get swept up in the excitement of making a website and forget about this part, we’d be remiss in not saying that it’s crucial to make sure you have permission to use the photograph from the photographer, and that you include any credit or copyright information on your site.

Where and how that’s included depends on your agreement with the photographer and layout of your site. It might be a separate thank you page or directly under the photo.

Using photos without permission can get you in legal trouble and cost a lot of money to resolve. It’s also just a very un-heart-centered thing to do, so even if it seems like a pain, make sure you get permission in writing for every single picture on your website.

Get Feedback

Use your friends and family (especially those with a good sense of aesthetics) to help you pick the best pictures. We are almost always the worst judges of what pictures we look good in, so it’s great to get some other opinions. At the end of the day though, what’s most important is that you love the way your pictures share who you are with the world.

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