Experimental Marketing (It’s The Thing To Do)

Jun 18, 2017

Marketing is dead. Old marketing that is.

Old marketing includes the mass marketing of Coca Cola and other TV revolution companies.

Old marketing includes the first wave of online businesses, webinars and passive income based businesses. This includes all of our mentors for online marketing.

I say marketing is dead because most of what we know as marketing has become so predictable and noisy that people simply ignore the “5 steps to build a perfect webinar”.

I say marketing is dead to challenge you to get into experimental marketing.

What has nobody tried (or very few people)?

What would genuinely delight, inform or interconnect your audience?

What’s remarkable and refreshing?

It’s up to you to go on the adventure of experimental marketing. Trying out your wacky marketing ideas will reveal to you avenues of revenue you never knew existed, and that nobody could have told you.

P.S. We have a workshop for this.

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