Strategic Business Coaching for Mission Driven Entrepreneurs, Freelancers, and Small Businesses

Launching & Technical Needs

  • Plan the steps of your business from idea to launch
  • Create a modern business plan [*MAKE A TEMPLATE AND CHECKLIST FOR THIS]
  • Complete the business licensing process [*MAKE CHECKLIST DOC FOR THIS]
  • Create a logo and branding (or have our team professionally design them for you)
  • Create a business website (or have our team professionally design them for you)
  • Create and print business cards (or have our team professionally design them for you)
  • Set up Facebook and Instagram profiles
  • Set up a business email address with your custom domain address
  • Identify and implement the best, most affordable software to help build the infrastructure of your business
  • Automate dozens of your business operations, (sending scheduled mass emails, connecting financial apps…)
  • Setup online scheduling and payment software so you can accept payments online

Marketing & Promoting

  • Build a specific marketing strategy to draw on your strengths
  • Identify your target market / specific audience
  • Understand the depth of your customers’ needs
  • Identify your unique edge and marketplace position
  • Write sales and marketing copy that speaks to your audience (or get copy professionally written for you)
  • Design digital and print marketing materials like posters, flyers, ads, etc. (or have our team professionally design them for you)

Social Media Strategy

  • Create an online strategy and marketing plan for social media
  • Create a schedule for Facebook and/or Instagram posting
  • Get direction on creating content for social media posts (or have our team professionally write them for you)
  • Create a strategy for growing your community through Facebook groups

Sales & Income Streams

  • Create a multi-channel revenue model – a plan to generate sustainable income from multiple avenues
  • Identify who in your target market should be the focus of your sales strategy
  • Uncover and work through inner blocks to selling comfortably and confidently
  • Create an inbound marketing plan to increase income by increasing repeat customer engagement
  • Create passive income streams

Organization & Productivity

  • Get an Automation Audit – an audit of every way your business could currently be automated (including a next action plan with free and paid options)
  • Organize your email inboxes and learn how to permanently clear your email backlog and live in the state of inbox-zero
  • Create an efficient task-management system to take care of your todo list
  • Create an organized online (and/or physical) file and storage system
  • Create team systems for communication and productivity
  • Identify the next place(s) you need to delegate work or bring in experts to take work off your shoulders

Community Building

  • Learn how to scale your business by building a community at the center of your organization
  • Launch a crowdfunding project
  • Build systems that encourage customers to share and market for you
  • Create gamification systems for your team or customers
  • Create a networking strategy
  • Create a strategy to build partnerships and collaborations
  • Learn the secrets of managing Facebook groups and other online communities
  • Get support in your hiring process

Accountability & Support

  • Schedule regular accountability check ins to get your work done on time
  • Work through difficult emotions about your business in a body-centered way with our trained coaches
  • Learn strategies for avoiding burnout or overworking
  • Get support making consistent regular progress on your business every week

Event Design & Planning

  • Design workshops, retreats, and events that will grow your customer-base, build community, and show off your gifts
  • Create a promotion plan for your events that will inspire others without spamming your community
  • Identify the best places to market your events
  • Stimulate organic word of mouth marketing

Our Approach to Business Coaching and What to Expect

What Is A Heart-Centered Business?

We say all the time that we proudly work with heart-centered businesses, but what exactly is a heart-centered business?

We use heart-centered interchangeably with mission-driven. To us, both mean that the core of the business is about helping people first, and making money second. That may sound like a bold claim, but think about it like this:

  1. Every business needs to make money to succeed.
  2. A subset of businesses make money by helping people.
  3. A subset of those businesses not only make money by helping people, but make sure that their impact on everyone (employees, customers, bystanders, and the planet) is as positive, generative, and healing as possible.

Subset #3 are truly heart-centered businesses. They’re paying attention to the kind of messaging they put out into the world, their waste, and social impact. These are the businesses we’re proud to work with. It takes time and effort to build a heart-centered business, and we’re here to help you do it!

How We Approach Business Coaching At Worth The Journey

All of our coaching is underpinned by these promises:

We will offer you expert guidance, setup a session schedule for your best progress and accountability, help you create strategic plans, in some areas execute plans with you, set deadlines, setup or utilize an existing clear task management system with you, help you create an excellent self-care plan around work, have your back at every turn of your business – basically be the Yoda to your Luke / Luke to your Rey.

We won’t bully you into doing work, chase you down to complete tasks, punish you for not completing tasks, do work for you (however, we do offer a number of services where we will take work off your plate).

Your commitment is to show up fully, make the most of the time you’ve paid for, complete the work you’ve agreed to do in a timely manner (and communicate when obstacles come up).

The Experience Of Business Coaching With Us

When you hire us, three things will happen:

  1. You’ll get introduced to your team of coaches (if you haven’t met us already).
  2. You get a dedicated Slack channel setup to communicate with us regularly over your 3 or 6 month coaching term.
  3. You’ll get a half or all-day strategy session prepping you for the months of exciting growth to come.

Then, every other week you’ll have a session with one of your coaches to continue progress toward your goals, crossing some off, updating others, and sometimes adding new goals.

During your coaching term you’ll have us regularly available as an extension of your team. Our intention is that you feel a big hand of support always at your back. Sometimes that will be logistical support, sometimes emotional. Our coaches are trained in a variety of meditative, therapeutic, and transformational tools in addition to their business expertise, so you’re getting not just a smart person, but a smart person who knows how to teach, knows how to adjust, and knows how to offer care.

We can’t wait to get started!

Business Coaching Packages

Not sure what you need from your business coaches? Let’s talk about your needs and make sure we’re a good fit!

3 Month Business Coaching Package


  • 2x 50 minute sessions monthly
  • Ongoing message access to one of our coaches through a dedicated Slack messaging channel for feedback, tips, and to complete tasks
  • Quick preparatory coaching calls before important events or meetings
  • 1x quarterly 3 hour session with both of our coaches

Cost: $2000

6 Month Business Coaching Package


  • 2x 50 minute sessions monthly
  • Ongoing message access to one of our coaches through a dedicated Slack messaging channel for feedback, tips, and to complete tasks
  • Quick preparatory coaching calls before important events or meetings
  • 1x all day session with both of our coaches (see below)

Cost: $4000

Need A Custom Business Coaching Package?

We’d love to work with you on designing a custom package. Whether you’d like to add other members of your team, add on numbers of sessions, or have financial need questions, contact us and we’ll get back to you

All Day Business Strategy Session


  • An 8 hour strategy day
  • Includes 6 hours of dedicated work time broken up between lunch and breaks
  • All day includes both of our coaches, Noé Khalfa and Harmony Eichsteadt
  • Cost of lunch included

Cost: $2500

Business Coaching Coffee Session

  • 50 minutes
  • Talk to one of our coaches about strategy, brainstorming, planning, setting up tech, etc.

Cost: Sliding Scale

We use an income-based sliding scale. Choose the level of income closest to yours to see the session rate.

$75 / sessionSchedule >

$100 / sessionSchedule >

$150 / sessionSchedule >

$200 / sessionSchedule >

Meet Your Business Coaches

Noé Khalfa

Noé Khalfa


Web Design
Business Strategy
Technical Needs
Marketing Strategy
Services Design


Harmony Eichsteadt

Harmony Eichsteadt


Community Building
Business Strategy
Event Planning
Marketing Strategy
Launch Strategy


The power of having a team of business coaches.

The biggest advantage you get from working with us is having not just one coach, but a team of business coaches. We each have different areas of expertise, and together, much like the Power Rangers, we more powerful than any one could be alone.

Seriously, think about it. When you hire a single business coach, you only get one perspective, which is why it’s so hard to find the right coach that fits with your personality. We wanted to give our clients the benefit of getting to choose their main coach, but having access to all the expertise of our team.

So we’ll start by matching you up with a lead coach, and then pull in other coaches as needed. And a note about the future of our company and coaching team: we’re always looking to grow and add on new experts with specialty knowledge, so you always have the best in your corner.