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Become A Master At Understanding People

This is undoubtedly the key to business success.

It’s also the key to healthy relationships.

As you well know, it all has to do with listening – actually listening to what other people are saying.

We each have so many inner biases, defensiveness, and distractions that we have some solid work ahead of us to get better at listening.

Start now!

Dedicate yourself to this art.

Start with your housemate, friend, neighbor, colleague, client…

Smooth User Experience Post-Marketing

Marketing is everything pre-customer engagement. The goal of marketing is to engage someone.

A big question that comes before marketing anything is, “Is the user experience post-marketing smooth?”

Even further, does it fulfill the experience you’re committed to creating for your customers – delightful, nourishing, engaging, exciting.

The whole flow from landing page to email sequence to room decor to brand fonts represents what you value (whether you’re aware of it or not).

Be remarkable. Be detailed.

The Joy Of Teaching

The joy of teaching is in teaching by example.

The joy of teaching is in the space between saying things, the space where students figure it out on their own.

The joy of teaching is in the ego-surrendering moment when we get challenged by a student and get to step into no-b.s. land with them.

The joy of teaching is them, not us or how great we are.

Entrepreneurs Must Die

By the time we’ve made our way to a stable business that supports us, we’ve gone through a complete transformation. we aren’t the same.

The stats show that 90% of entrepreneurs fail or drop off along the way.

What does it take to be one of the 10% that makes it through?

It takes letting yourself transform. In other words letting yourself die.

You’ll die to who you were before. And you’ll die to your expectation of what it looks like to be a successful entrepreneur.

You must leave behind the past “you”, and let go the fantasy-hope of becoming a wildly successful “you”.

You must transcend both false identities.

Entrepreneurs who want to go all the way, impact a large number of people and live a truly incredible life – must die.

Little Flash and Bang

The amateur, in the process of trying, practicing, and experimenting, produces a lot of flash and bang. They make noise all over the place thinking that means they’ll reach more people. They learn to swim by jumping in the pool and flapping around until they develop the skills to stay afloat. They get subtler and more masterful over time.

The imposter uses a lot of flash and bang to make it seem as though something’s happening, when really they don’t know what they’re doing. Whether it’s big words, lofty accusations, fancy gadgets, or dramatic expression, the imposter is terrified of being found out and has a very low self-esteem that they hide from themself as much as others through much flash and bang.

The master needs very little flash and bang. They make big things happen with a wink or through a partnership. They trust in the long term process. They put in the time to understand how they think and work, and how other people think and work. They don’t take themselves or anyone else at their word. They inquire further. Inside they are simple and masterful, no matter how fancy they are on the outside.

That’s What We Do On Social Media

In an instagram video a good friend said something very unexpected.

She said she wanted to share something vulnerable because “that’s what we do on social media”.

My first thought was that it sure isn’t most of what I see on social media.

My second thought was that it’s what I most love to read about and watch on social media – folks being brave and bearing their souls or making a daring leap.

At Worth The Journey we make a point to put ourselves out there, do the scary brave thing, and see what happens.

Do we get burned? Sure we do, all the time.

Do we get tons of advice on how we should do it better? Sure we do, all the time.

Do we squeeze out those voices and return to the original purpose of doing something remarkable, which very often is vulnerable or experimental? Sure we do, all the time.

That’s what social media is for.

Are we friends yet? Let's meet.


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