6 Myths About Entrepreneurship. Myth 6/6 – “I need to go viral right away.”

Jun 11, 2017

The final of our 6 Myths About Entrepreneurship is a huge one. It’s something remind myself of as often as I do my clients.

The myth many of us hold inside is, “I need to go viral right away.”

It’s a combination of urgency and expectations of grandeur: we need to go viral right now so that we can assure our success and ultimately so that we can relax.

Good news!

It turns out we can relax before our success is assured. That’s partly because our success will never be assured (sorry…but better learn it now than in 5 years!), and partly because sooner or later we face the fact that expectation and urgency create tangible stress and suffering and we’ve had quite enough.

How does this myth come about?

By seeing others who are years ahead of us, doing well from our perspective. Plus the ever popular lucky cases of success based on rare good timing.

The truth is, entrepreneurship is a long path that extends beyond any one business, job or project.

It is a path of daring, uncommon bravery, determination, patience, boredom, thrills, scares and often putting yourself financially on the line. It’s much more than just running a business. It’s a whole spiritual path.

Of course, when we’re new to business we can’t possibly see this because we’re so focused on achieving our current vision that the path we’re walking on to get there goes unnoticed.

To channel yoda-like wisdom, the master entrepreneur abandons the traps of hope and fear, which are based on small-minded success. Instead, they adopt a bigger mind and absorb the whole picture, including the ups and downs, successes and failures. Finally they learn the hardy way, by making many many mistakes, and getting smarter each time, never to make the same mistake again.

That’s a lot to aspire to!

I’m doing my best, and I know you are too. But do yourself a favor and unload from your mind the burden of needing to become successful right away.

My practical advice? 1) Get a temporary side job while you grow. 2) Commit to sticking around for 3-5 years.

The rest will come to you if you’re smart and determined.

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