The Heart-Centered Entrepreneur Summit
The Heart-Centered Entrepreneur Summit
September 23-24th in Seattle, WA

September 23-24th in Seattle, WA

Our Theme For fall 2017:

Community – Transforming Clients Into True Fans

We’ll be diving deep into what it takes to build a community driven business, one where your customers go out of their way to share you and what you provide with their friends.

Take A Peak Into Onward

Glimpse the transformational experience.

What is Onward?

Onward combines intelligent business & marketing workshops with community building, delicious healthy meals, and tons of self-care. The weekend is packed with guest speaker workshops, activities to put business skills to use and the strategies you need to turn your customers, clients or students into passionate advocates for you and your business.


You’ll expand your business and marketing strategy with other driven, heart-centered entrepreneurs in the wellness and creative spheres! These are your colleagues.


Two days of workshops that will teach you the strategies to successfully market and grow your business. This weekend’s focus is turning clients into true fans.


We know how hard you work! This weekend is designed to relieve stress, by mixing meditation, yoga and movement into the weekend. Your body will thank you.

Who is Onward for?

The summit is designed for anyone self-employed or running a small business to make a positive impact in the world. We work with yoga instructors, teachers, coaches, consultants, workshop leaders, retreat leaders, bodyworkers, energy healers, therapists, nutritionists, musicians, designers, artists, dancers, craft makers and store owners.

Gill Morris
This weekend has offered me so much of how to connect with the clients I’m seeking out, and how to build those relationships and continue those relationships. I’ve already received great referrals and relationships from this group.

Energy Healer, Resonating Heart Wellness

Rachael Fairbanks
I learned so much from the workshop this weekend! I’m a musician and herbalist and I’ve been working to combine the two passions in my life, and making them profitable. Now I have weeks worth of work to make my vision possible.

Musician and Herbalist

Why do people come?

We specifically address these small business owner needs:

▢  Don’t have a clear marketing strategy or revenue model

▢  Just getting started building their business community

▢  Overwhelmed by social media and don’t know what to focus on

▢  Unclear about their client avatar / target market (who they really serve)

▢  Want to network, collaborate and build a genuine referral network

▢  Feel isolated and want heart-centered entrepreneur friends & colleagues

YOur Presenters

Meet your facilitators and speakers!

Your Presenters

Meet your facilitators and speakers!


Business Coach at Worth The Journey

Three years ago Noé took a big leap: from Microsoft engineer to yoga teacher. Despite his gusto, he knew zero about business and his first attempt at running a yoga studio totally bit dust…*youch!*. Fast forward to now and he runs a successful coaching business while teaching yoga on the side. In this workshop he’s bringing you years of training in business and marketing with teachers like Seth Godin, Jonathan Fields, and Gay Hendricks, along with experience from hundreds of hours of one-on-one, group coaching and workshops.

Learn more about Noé here →



International Yoga Instructor, Massage Therapist @ Moon Yoga Therapeutics

Erin Moon is an international yoga instructor, audiobook narrator, actress, philanthropist, avid gardener, thai massage therapist, and reiki practitioner. She’s the co-creator of international NGO World Spine Care’s Yoga Project: training local participants at clinical sites in underserved communities around the world for active/preventative care and pain management. Her life has evolved into a fascinating amalgam of being a yogi and an artist: teaching teachers in Vancouver, New York, Florida, Paris, Hawaii, Botswana and more.

Learn more about Erin here →



Founder of Molly's Grown To Eat, Co-founder of Shelf Engine

Stefan launched in the food industry with a degree in actuarial science and economics. He built his first company, Molly’s, at the age of 23. His experience with many facets of the industry comprise of some of the largest retailers in grocery and corporate dining, as well as a variety of the small and well-recognized retailers. Stefan has also negotiated and built relationships with numerous suppliers from a small regional scale to a national scale. Learn more about Stefan as a 40 under 40, and connect with him on linkedin.

Learn more about Stefan here →



Owner at AdrienArt

Adrien Miller is a magician of images made from earth. He specializes in sculpting custom portrait busts and human figures, and is known for his functional art pottery adorned with faces and bodies, often in poses of meditation. His sculpture and paintings have been exhibited and collected internationally, including in show at ArtXchange Gallery, featured in Buddhadharma magazine and the German magazine Buddhismus Aktuell. He’s been teaching ceramic art and pottery for almost 10 years.

Learn more about Adrien here →



Founder at Community by Harmony

Harmony Leanna Eichsteadt has been building community since before she knew it was a “real job.” She has organized communities to accomplish amazing things, including starting a high school walkout, create a political training conference for young women, launching a country-wide poetry tour, rapidly scaling a tech start-up, and beating cancer. Harmony is the Onward event producer and will be co-facilitating community building exercises throughout the weekend.

Learn more about Harmony here →



Yoga Teacher at Alisa Walker Yoga

Alisa found her way to yoga after many years pursuing dance and theater. She began studying in New York in 2008 as a way to help ease pain and lack of mobility from scoliosis, and fell in love with the true connection between mind and body that yoga offers.
She’s trained in Vinyasa style yoga and has studied Ayurveda and some restorative and prenatal yoga. Alisa offers classes that are joyful, warm and meditative, with an aim to guide students to find the balance of strength and ease in their own bodies.

Learn more about Alisa here →

The Workshops

The Workshops

You’ll leave with a community-building plan.

You’ll leave with a community-building plan.

Onward is focused around workshops in heart-centered business building, marketing strategy and connecting with other transformational entrepreneurs. We’ve got five incredible workshops lined up for you. Each will explore how to build community from a different angle: from turning clients into evangelists, to making colleague-friendships, to listening to the needs your community has. By the end you’ll be an expert on building community and have at least three-months of material to take action on. Our aim is to set you up for success in running a long-term business. Read below for more details!

Headlining Workshops

Creating True Fans Who Share Your Work

What is it that makes a yoga student bring her friend to class? Why do some companies get shared wildly and others seem hidden? In this workshop Noé will lay out a map for how to structure your business so that fans can speak to one another, build community, bring new people into that community and return again and again.

Building this structure is going to take effort on your part, but with the right mindset, plan and action, you can build your business to be shared. This workshop will give you the groundwork and personal attention (from Noé and the group) to take action and see results.

Using Your Community To Grow Your Business

Let’s be honest – as heart-centered entrepreneurs, we’re often struggling against a pressure from the traditional business world to sell, sell, sell. But deep inside we know there has to be another way to build a thriving business. There 100% is. It turns out being “salesy” will actually push away a lot of your community. Selling is an activity reserved for only one small part of your community, the clients.

In fact, your existing community is choc full of other people who want to connect with you on multiple levels. From colleagues to friends & family to mentors & experts. This workshop will give you the opportunity to create a strategy for each type of relationship. When you start taking action, your business will grow like never before.



Erin Moon and I are live talking about running a wellness business, deconstructing "purpose", and getting down to how your community can help you find your path.I'm so excited because she'll be facilitating a workshop on community, purpose and business at Onward: The Heart-Centered Entrepreneur Summit. Check out the live stream here.

Posted by Noé Khalfa on Friday, September 8, 2017

Your community is speaking to you all the time. They’re telling you which genuine problems need solving, and where to put your business efforts. How do you listen for and learn to trust the areas you’re being asked to play in? We’ll be looking at the long game. How our purpose/true service in life can come to us over time from shedding expectations of instant success and crazy hustling. We’ll reframe the game by listening to our internal desires, values and skills vs. cultural/familial expectations. Then, match that with what our communities are truly asking from in us.

Stefan: Gamification – Making Your Business Fun (& Profitable)

We're live with Stefan Kalb talking about how to gamify your business - how to make it engaging and fun for your clients (which makes them much more likely to stick around in the long term).

Posted by Worth The Journey on Wednesday, September 6, 2017

One of the most financially brilliant and emotionally positive strategies businesses are using these days is gamification. It’s the process of creating reward systems for customers when they interact with and sharing your business. In other words making your business into play. Done right, gamification makes clients into true fans who get to be involved in fun aspects of your business. During this workshop, Stefan will introduce a strategy for adding elements of reward and social fun to your business in a smart, heart-centered way.

Adrien: An Interview With A Successful Local Artist

The art of running an unusual business with Adrien Miller, Seattle artist.

Posted by Worth The Journey on Tuesday, August 29, 2017

So often as artists and wellness entrepreneurs, we’re told there’s no money in a creative profession. Meet Adrien, a successful sculptor and potter from Seattle. In this fireside-chat style talk, you’ll hear about the creative path Adrien took to earn a livelihood making art. From Adrien, “Making my art into my business has meant balancing my need for a spontaneous and curious creative inquiry with finding ways that my gifts as a maker may serve the needs and dreams of others.” If you’ve struggled to make it in a career built around doing work you love, this is the conversation for you.

The Schedule

The Schedule

Two days of learning, community and self-care.


Get the best price for this vibrant weekend

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You’ll Get:

✓ Access To World-Class Speakers

✓ Access To A Small Business Expert

✓ A Detailed Workbook

✓ A PDF Workbook

✓ Workshop Video Recordings

✓ Organic Lunch Each Day

✓ A Yoga Class Each Day

You’ll Leave With:

→ A personalized marketing plan for turning clients into fans and building community.

→ A new network of entrepreneurs to connect you with clients, collaborate with and support you when you need it.

→ Online support after the workshop through an exclusive Facebook group.

→ A big leap in confidence and inspiration about your business.

I came into the weekend feeling overwhelmed and scattered and wanting to take my business to the next level. Now I’m feeling more confident and have a list of tools to use with social media, flyers, business cards and all types of advertising.

Yoga Teacher & Owner, Forest Spirit Yoga

Sheri Garzelli
This weekend has been crucial for me. It’s helped me remember what my purpose is, why I’m here, why I do what I do, and now – what I need to do next: how I make my offering fly. Much gratitude for how much this weekend has given me.

Intimacy Coach, SHEN Healing Arts


Frequently Asked Questions

Who Is This Summit For?

All entrepreneurs who want to take their business or project to the next level. It’s also great weekend for aspiring entrepreneurs who haven’t launched yet.

Onward is specifically for you if you identify as a healer or creative: a yoga teacher, pilates teacher, workshop leader, studio owner, teacher, coach, body worker, energy worker, graphic designer, artist, musician, or movement teacher.

Am I Getting A Good Deal?

More than you know!

This event has been put on with exquisite attention to affordability and multiple pricing options.

Our group consists of business owners at the beginning and middle of their business lifecycles, so we aim to support you during these stages.

Do You Have A Payment Plan?

Yep. Each pricing option has a payment plan linked underneath. We want to make this as financially doable as possible for you!

I'm New To Business, Will The Material Be Way Over My Head?

Nope, if you’re new we’ve got your back. This is a beginner friendly weekend that draws support for new entrepreneurs from the more experienced in the room.

Our mission at Worth The Journey is to create collaborative community. Noé and our dedicated community members are used to working with brand new entrepreneurs and are excited to get behind you as you build something new to offer our world!

Is This Event Right For Me?

It depends! If you’re considering or are currently building a small business then it likely is.

The core skills you’re going to learn and practice are:

– Marketing yourself and your business
– Planning a professional business strategy
– Specific strategies for turning clients into real fans
– Building community among small business owners

If you’re self-employed or run a small business, this weekend is for you.

What Should I Bring?

As soon as you register and pay, you’ll receive an email with all the details about what to bring to the weekend.

In short, here’s what you’ll need:

– Comfortable clothes to move in
– A water/tea bottle
– A computer

Everything else will be provided for you.

Is Lunch Provided?
Yes! Lunch is provided. Stefan, one of our guest speaker is the founder of Molly’s Grown To Eat, the company that will be catering lunch on Saturday and Sunday of this weekend. It’s all organic, with vegan and gluten free options.

I've Been In Business A while, Is This Weekend Only For Beginners?

No, this weekend is for any small business owners and teams who want to master deep business and marketing skills.

Our material is taught in a way that acknowledges your business’s unique position, strong points and weak points. All workshops are multi-level to help you turn weak points into new strong points.

What If I Have To Cancel Last Minute?

We understand that life happens and things come up. We also know that commitment and follow through are 90% of what makes successful entrepreneurs.

To reflect this, $95 of your ticket is a non-refundable deposit that reserves your spot.


Have a question?

Ask anything. Fire away!

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