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Entrepreneurs Persevere

From what I’ve seen, observing myself and entrepreneurs around me, I am certain that anyone can become a successful self-employed entrepreneur.

There is just one caveat. That person must be as determined at making it on their own as someone rolling a boulder up a hill.

Not everyone is willing to push through regardless the obstacle. If you are willing to do this, you will be successful – it’s just how the game works.

What You Need To Hear Right Now As An Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship is hard. Learn how to give yourself a break.

Seriously, now’s no time for woo-woo advice or inspirational quotes.

Step away from the computer. Lie down. Close your eyes. You’re doing awesome.

Now let that hard-to-see fact seep into your bones. Don’t get up until you feel the reality of how good you’re doing.

Do You Practice Outside Of Your Practice?

As a healer do you personally do healing practices not associated with your work?

It’s easy to get bogged down in your yoga practice when you teach 12 classes a week.

Practice can get stagnant if we don’t mix it up every now and then.

Maybe it’s time to take a tai-chi class, or go running, swimming, biking, skateboarding, climbing or slacklining.

Maybe it’s time to explore energy work, tarot, The Work, ecstatic dance, salsa dance or motorcycling.

I’m in a “rug being pulled out from under me” phase right now, and it seems that even sitting meditation or yoga can become an identity-based religion / a box we force ourselves into that we’re much to vast to really live in.

Time to crack open a window.

Following Your Creative Impulses Makes You A Better Worker

Follow your creative impulses.

If you wake up wanting to sing “Evermore” from the 2017 Beauty and the Beast, go for it. It’ll make work more fun.

If you find yourself distracted from the website work you’re supposed to be doing because you really want to work on the super-cool eBook you’ve been designing on the side, go for it. It’ll make working on the website later more fun.

If you want to go to a park and dance, or pick up your guitar and play, follow those impulses.

Einstein and Sherlock Holmes both played violin to drop out of the intellectual brain into the intuitive, creative brain and it helped with their intellectual activities.

Creativity isn’t a theory and it isn’t woo-woo. Dedicating time to creativity will make you a better business person while allowing you more fun.

Who could say no to that?!

Heart-Centered People Give Up Being Heart-Centered

One of our biggest struggles as humans is giving up our identity.

And for good reason! Identity is actually a great thing.

Identity allows us to belong. It let’s us see we’re not alone. It shows us that because others are like us, we’re not fundamentally bad, unacceptable, unlikeable or unloveable.

That’s tremendous because isolation is one of the top maladies of our time.

And then there comes the time to go beyond identity. Why? Identity keeps us boxed in. It’s a way we intentionally put ourselves in boxes out of fear of being out in the wild.

In the wild we could be alone, we could get physically hurt, we could be left behind, we’ll never have the approval and confirmation afforded by being in an identity box.

And yet when we cling to identity we’re not free from our judgements of others, from our limited perspectives, and from our ability to relate with anyone, anywhere on their level (which frankly sounds terrifying to me, and yet necessary).

So when I say that heart-centered people give up being heart-centered, I mean that genuinely spiritual, authentic, generous, kind, loving people give up walking around the world trying to be seen as spiritual, authentic, generous, kind and loving.

Nobody needs to be seen as generous in order to be generous. It’s the ultimate letting go.

Dare you?

Two Takeaways From Launching A Successful Meetup

Yesterday I launched my business’s first co-working meetup, called Get It Done Day.

I had no idea if it would work. No idea if anyone would show up.

13 people showed up.

It went really well, everyone was friendly, serious about their work, and genuinely interested in connecting with each other.

I had a blast and I got a lot of work done myself. The purpose of the event was fulfilled.

My biggest take-away: Go for it.

Launch your thing. Do it. Don’t hold back.

Who knows what will happen? I’ve had a handful of failures for each success, but each success is worth dozens of failures.

My second biggest take-away: Spread the word. More specifically, find people who are interested in your thing and want other people to be there as well. Find people who will spread the word too.

But always, most important is…go for it. I’m 29 years old and am completely supporting myself running a small business and am partially funding my contractor’s livelihood.

I’m the proof. If I can do it, anyone can (I’m not that bright, so trust me!).

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