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A Brief Theory of Business Relationship

Business is relationship.

Relationship is emotional labor.

Emotional labor is validation (friend), coaching (support), and/or challenging (teacher).

How does emotional labor fit in to your business? Are you both giving and receiving?

Minimum Viable [Insert The Thing You’re Making]

The Minimum Viable Product is the initial product you can make for your customers with the least amount of effort, yet being fully functional.

Now insert whatever you’re working on in place of “Product”.

A traditional business term, Minimum Viable Product actually represents an entire approach to business: the iterative model.

The iterative model is an approach to product development (or curriculum dev, service dev…) based on making continuous, tiny iterations rather than trying to create perfection the first time.

Think about the curriculum you’re developing, or the postcard you’re making.

It’s rather in line with nature to make a first simple version, test it, launch it, get feedback, then improve it or make a second version.

This iterative model allows for us to create services or products very accurate to our audience in a rather small amount of time because of the amount of feedback we’re receiving.

I’ll keep this post short, so the basic four steps to the iterative model are:

1. Create the minimum viable [insert the thing you’re making].
2. Test it *VERY IMPORTANT* only on people in your audience.
3. Launch it. Don’t take too long to launch.
4. Get lots of feedback.

Then go to step one again creating the next best minimum viable [thing].

Now hop to it! What’s the first iteration?

What To Do When You’re Grumpy

When you’re grumpy, irritated, or frustrated you must not, I repeat, must not try to resist the grump.

Resisting it is the sure-fire way to keep it locked in for a long time. The touchy, protective layer needs time to soften, and any attempt to get rid of it will only harden it against perceived attacks.

This is the fun part. The only thing that seems to work for grumpiness is openly declaring it and letting it happen. Even though it sounds a bit twisted, we’ve got to enjoy our grumpiness.

It’s better than the the painful resisting, denying or ignoring process.

But don’t just believe me, give it a try.

Guilty Of The Lifestyle Of Pretending

“Check out the people I hang out with. I bet you don’t know Tony Robbins personally. I do.”

“Look at my car, how much money I have, and the expensive restaurants I frequent.”

“Hear the buzzwords I just dropped? That means I know what I’m talking about.”

“Notice the disdain in my voice? It means I’m complicated. It means I’m interesting.”

“I’m happy all the time. Get your bad vibes away from me, they’re poisoning me.”

Rarely stated outright, this is the undercurrent of the lifestyle of pretending (which we all know is based on insecurities).

On some level we’re all pretending. So part of the painful commitment of being heart-centered is owning up to it, being vulnerable, and getting to the bottom of it rather than perpetuating it.

Ultimately the insecurities underneath the lifestyle of pretending will cave us in. Better to start chipping away at that fresh air now. As brave ones, we reveal when we’re pretending and create permission for others to drop the facade too.

That is the lifestyle of genuineness.

Being Nurtured Vs. Being Challenged

A wise woman (Harmony!) once said,

“Sometimes being nurtured is quite challenging


sometimes being challenged is quite nurturing.”

When we’re feeling like we’re not getting enough done, feeling the beginnings of burnout, the most challenging thing to do is nurture ourselves or be nurtured by others.

That’s a good sign it’s exactly what we need.

When we’ve been holding back from launching our social media channel or offering into the world, the most nurturing thing is to be challenged to put it out there.

The bigger picture practice we can do is to start noticing further and further ahead of time when we need to be nurtured, and when we need to be challenged.

Taking control of our own needs makes us the master of our destiny.

Are we friends yet? Let's meet.


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