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The Yoga Teacher’s Dilemma

At first as a student, practicing yoga is hard. It pushes us and bends us in new ways.

Then, practicing yoga is easy. Our body has stopped resisting and over time has opened up and become stronger.

When we become teachers, teaching yoga is hard, and practicing is easy.

Then teaching becomes easy, but practicing becomes very hard.

This is the yoga teacher’s dilemma: maintaining a personal practice.

I hear from my yoga teacher friends all the time how insanely much they’re working, how stressed out they are from running all around town teaching classes (shhh, don’t tell them I told you!).

And because they teach so much, they don’t have much time for their practice; at least the same level of practice that they teach.

When I brought this up to a therapist of mine, he suggested that my work – to – self-care channels had been mixed up, and that the practice may have changed from something purely for self-care to something mostly for work.

And he was right. Often when I practice, I think, “Oh, I’ll use that in one of my classes.” or “Hmm, I wonder if my students are up for this pose.”

I’m mixing up the personal practice with work, and so it’s tempting to skip it altogether and do something genuinely for me.

Now here’s the answer to the dilemma.

Haha! I definitely do not have the answer. But I do have a few questions for you.

If you were to incorporate a non-yoga practice into your life, like running, climbing, weight-lifting, swimming, dance, etc., would you get that self-focused time in? If so, pick up an activity! Heck, go scuba diving. For me it’s dancing, running and swimming.

Are there any teachers out there who really put you in the zone and out of your teacher mind? If so, take class from those teachers and make a commitment to make it purely, selfishly about you and your breath.

Finally, do you have other yoga teacher friends who you can nerd out about yoga with? Take a class with? That can be a great way to blur the work-play lines.

The Beautiful Drunken Swampwalk Of Us Spiritual Seekers

As I witnessed this in myself, I see it now in spiritual seekers like me all the time.

At first, the glow – the insights, the understanding of oneness, the awareness, the freedom from ego, the love and the light – flow thick like sweet honey.

Out of such powerful insights comes a great desire to share, to confirm my discoveries with others, and to evangelize their greatness – the ego creeps back in.

This followed by the sharp disappointment of others not getting it, not liking it, not wanting to talk about it or believe in it.

And the righteous anger that comes from my clearly advanced knowledge.

The loneliness, separation and tribalism then springs from that righteous anger, however well disguised.

And underneath the frustration comes the tiny voice of my squishy liquid heart, “This isn’t it. This hurts.”

And then confusion, sadness, rage, doubt, and overexaggerated certainty to prove a point that I doubt heavily.

This struggle, this trudging, secretly leads to humbleness, compassion for the feelings of others and respect for their wisdom.

And despite my ego’s best efforts to be right and never wrong, this growing kindness, simpleness begins to radiate uncontrollably, insultingly, like a rug that keeps getting pulled out from underneath my feet.

It is so that the deeper insight settles in – that I’m scared, really scared, and that I’m the one scaring the shit out of myself. No one else in sight. That the power and creativity of my torture is all right here in my bloody, glowing hands.

And that when the war is over here, even if for a single minute, the war everywhere ceases. None to find. Nowhere. Nothing left but kindness, love and confusion.

And no further need to evangelize, convince or convert, for what can a confused person be convinced of besides more confusion?

It is so that the insights, the understanding of oneness, the awareness, the freedom from ego, the love and the light all become real, but without the big deal, the glow or us even really noticing.

This process unfolds sometimes like a Matisse, one beautiful stroke at a time, but more often like a lucky drunken idiot stumbling her way through a muddy swamp filled with alligators. Yet this path is a thousand times more precious than a thousand diamonds.

As healers and creatives we must empower each other, our colleagues and clients along this path.

It is our duty. So go forth.

How Good Are You At Ending Things?

How are you with ending things, boundaries and saying “no”?

In her book A Thousand Names For Joy, Byron Katie writes, “When something’s over, it’s over. We all know when that point comes, and we can honor it or ignore it.”

She’s right! We all intuitively know when something’s time is up. That’s never the issue. The issue is whether we are aware of it or not, and whether we act on it or not.

With so many deeply rooted fear-based or survival reasons not to end something, it’s often really freakin’ hard. Well if we can practice brushing our teeth every day, we can practice ending things every day.

What is it time for you to end today? Is it time to make a big list?

How A Failure Led To Over $1000 In One Day

Failure is the path to making changes that lead to success.

I recently admitted a numeric failure. One of my events did not meet the target number. While the event itself went phenomenally and got great feedback, the numbers were just not there.

As a spiritual person I’m used to focusing on the positive and moving forward from there. But it finally hit me that I was ignoring a heavy, depressing feeling.

When I turned to focus on it I realized I was upset about not meeting the numbers, and had an inner story running about not being liked or cared about.

I realized that I was missing the whole point… my job is to care about my clients, not the other way around!

Energized by this discovery, I made a number of strategy tweaks, website changes and updated an handful of old price numbers that no longer reflected the giant value clients were getting.

Then the next day, as if the universe were winking at me, I made over $1000 in just a few hours.

My lesson for us all: Look into and outright admit failures!

It could make us a lot of money (while of course being profoundly transformational and life-changing).

Are You In A Community Of Heart-Centered Entrepreneurs?

Do you have a community of heart-centered entrepreneurs who you share with regularly?

I’m talkin’ about a group that you can voice your client-struggles to, a group who gets your vision, a group who encourages you to take action.

Entrepreneurship is such a big part of your life – how could you not be getting regular support and reflection about it?!

It’s time to find your group of entrepreneur leaders.

Are we friends yet? Let's meet.


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