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How To Attract What You Want? You’re Not Gonna Like It.

This has got to be the most annoying blog post I’ll ever write.


I’m asking you to be patient. And no one wants to be patient!

We want what we want right now. Right?

Be that as it may, as an entrepreneur continually seeking the heart in business, what’s become glaringly obvious is that I can have anything I want as long as I’m willing to go in for the long term.

And that takes patience.

My growing ability to not rush seems to have brought with it connections I never would have made if I was rushing, and because of that, money I wouldn’t have made if I was rushing.

Not only that, but I’m less motivated by money, because that makes me rush and make less money!

And not only that, but I enjoy more and more the peaceful silence normally seen as in-between moments when I’m rushing, but which I now see are climax moments of experiencing peace, bliss, observing the natural creativity of my mind, observing the genius of other people and their willingness to show up, and many other things I’ve been desperately searching for in my rushing and pushiness.

So my two cents on the classic self-help topic, “how to attract anything you want” is patience. Not patience because you should, have to or concede to. The only patience that works is patience you want.

Silence Is The Climax

Most of us think of silence as an anti-climax, a dip, a break, a rest, a pause, an in-between moment.

As a culture we’re not used to silence; it’s uncomfortable, awkward, boring, a waste of time and at best it holds the lofty status of foreplay.

But take a look at why you do anything.

Why do I work? One reason is to make money. What for? To support myself. Again, what for? So I can feel at ease and finally relax. Now when am I the most relaxed? When I’m lying on my blanket at the park in the sun, quietly enjoying the warmth and breeze. Or after a yoga class in savasana as my body glows and tingles from the 75 minutes of activity. Or during lunch at one of my workshops when everything’s peacefully humming along.

Folks, deep down silence is the real climax.

It is the space, the environment where finally receive whatever we’ve been searching for, building up to, putting time into.

It’s where we receive joy, creative ideas, contentment, peace, profundity, and wisdom.

The climax is silence. The climax is spaciousness. Not silence like a void or dark emptiness, but the silence free from intentional activity or the endless loop of motivated thoughts running on the hamster wheel of mind.

What would the sequence of your day look like if silence was the climax?

Creativity: A Moment To Moment Expression Of Bravery

In survival terms, creativity is a luxury.

In longevity terms, creativity is a requirement.

In the moment, creativity is incredibly brave and rare.

Artists aren’t always genuinely creative. Accountants and engineers aren’t devoid of creativity.

The potential for creativity was planted in our human brains at the moment our brain became a brain.

Whether or not you choose to express that creativity is a choice no one can or will make for you.

To dance is brave because it is constantly creating something new. When dance becomes boring to you it’s not dance, it’s that you’re no longer being creative, and possibly you’re no longer stepping outside your comfort zone.

A strange paradox: when we achieve success in something we’ve strived a long time for, we get bored.

Achievement is boring. Creativity isn’t – that is, the physical, mental, emotional, and for me spiritual act of creating rather than the resulting creation, aka achievement.

As an entrepreneur this means the path goes ever on if you choose to go on and choose to be brave.

How Do We Distinguish Fear From Intuition?

Today I bring questions. Will you answer them through your experience?

In a time where teachers are as afraid as students, where do any of us turn for guidance?

When our country is embroiled in psychological war between sides, the world is splintered by physical war, and even within our own faction mini civil wars breaks out on social media…where do we turn?

It’s clear that all of us are swimming in a soup of worldly fear, and many of us also a “spiritual” sub-soup of denial.

Our situation is all reaction and all unexamined fear. I know this much from experiencing my own reactive thoughts, biased perceptions, quick judgements, and unmet feelings, and observing those of others.

However, amidst our soup of fear float the alphabet spaghetti of intuition, insight, stillness, humor, and contentment – no matter the external situation, no matter our past. This is now me speaking from my experience (especially recent experiences), not theoretically.

It is true, much action is needed. It is not true, we need to do everything we think is right right now. It seems that we have a long way to go, a lot to learn if we are to wake up together (as entrepreneurs, but also as a people).

And one core question calls out to me daily now:

How do I distinguish impulses driven by fear from intuition sparked by my internal light/guidance system?

I need to answer this question for myself. I ask that you answer it too. We need your clarity too.

The Single Best Productivity Practice: Natural Reminders

A natural reminder is when you put the keys by the door so you don’t forget them on the way out.

In the “olden days” it was why people wrote notes next to the phone (because the phone used to be in one place – which for young-uns must sound ridiculous now that the phone is in all the places).

It’s when you use an object (through intentional placement) as a reminder of itself.

This is the best productivity practice.


It requires no tools, systems, technology, or extra brain power. Simply put and forget.

The smartest people use simple practices.

Right & Wrong vs. Alignment

Right and wrong are extremes we use because we’re lazy and don’t want to do the hard work of understanding why we or others do things.

If we did that work, this would be a different world.

Alignment is a feeling of matching, of “yes”, of truth. It’s not an extreme. In fact, it’s extremely obvious and clear. If it’s an extreme feeling, it’s not alignment.

Now take this into business.

How many businesses are expending extreme effort to look amazing, sound incredible, and be the epically awesomest? The answer is all of them.

What if you were to dial it back a few degrees to finding alignment, that clear matching where you can finally relax?

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